Learning Management System

Online Exams with Remote Proctoring

Conduct hassle-free, secure and scalable online examinations with remote proctoring.


Online Exams with Remote Proctoring

One of the key components of a Learning Management System is Online Assessments or Online Examinations that helps evaluate the knowledge, understanding or performance of the learners. uLektz Campus being an advanced comprehensive Learning Management System, it provides an easy-to-use online examination system with built-in Remote Proctoring feature. It helps institutions, teachers and examiners to conduct online assessments / examinations more effectively and efficiently without compromising the integrity of the examination. Using the online assessment system of uLektz Campus, you can

  • Create and manage question banks as categories and topics

  • Create or upload questions of various types such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True or False, etc., into the question banks.

  • Generate multiple automated test papers from the question banks

  • Conduct time-bound online assessments or examinations for a specific date and time

  • Ensure integrity of the examination using remote proctoring feature.

Whether it is an Entrance Exam, Semester Exam or Certification Course, conducting online examinations enables students to take up the examinations from the comforts of their own home or any other place they choose. By enabling the “Remote Proctoring” feature for the examination, you can

  • Authenticate and register the candidates before they start the tests

  • Prevent candidates from accessing web browsers or other applications in between the tests

  • Capture the photograph of the candidates in real-time while they take up tests

  • Verify the captured photographs manually before declaring results

Learning Management System

Advantages of Online Examination with Remote Proctoring

  • No physical centres required

  • Easy to schedule and manage

  • Can be attempted anytime anywhere

  • Any number of candidates can attempt at a time

  • Removes the requirement and availability of physical proctors

  • Secured browser and real-time photograph capturing ensures exam’s integrity

  • Ease of evaluation, grading and result declaration