Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Advanced yet easy to use LMS to create interactive and engaging learning and teaching environments.


Learning Management System

uLektz Campus provides a most advanced AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS) that helps institutions enable digital education and create engaging and interactive learning and teaching environments. uLektz Campus is designed not just to deliver online courses, but also manage instructor-led classroom teaching and flipped classroom.

uLektz Campus provides educators with a single platform for making course material accessible online, including lesson content, assignments, assessments and discussion forum. It helps streamline the delivery of online learning for educational institutions, allowing for a more connected and accessible educational experience for students.

Learning Management System

Key Features

  • User Management

    Helps create and manage hierarchy based User Roles for Admin, Management Members, HODs, Teaching Staff, Non-teaching Staff, Students, Alumni, etc.

  • Programs, Courses and Classes Management

    Helps create departments, programmes, courses, classes and batches. Assign students, faculty members and the required learning and teaching resources to the respective classes.

  • Students and Staff Information System

    Helps organise and manage the students and the staffs (teaching and non-teaching) records in digitized format for easy-to search, access and updates.

  • Learning and Teaching Resources

    Facilitates your faculty members to share learning and teaching resources in various formats such as PDF, ePUB/3, PPT, etc. with their classes and students more easily, effectively, efficiently.

  • Online Assessments

    Helps create questions banks and generate multiple question papers to conduct time-bound online assessments and evaluate students' performance.

  • Assignment Management

    Facilitate your faculty members to give assignments to their students and collect the tasks reports for performance evaluation and grading.

  • Discussion Forum

    Facilitate your faculty members and students to share and discuss on a specific topic for an effective participation of all the students in a class.

  • Instant Messaging

    Helps faculty members to send instant messages and notifications to any specific student/s or classes to communicate any important updates.