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Internships and Job Placements

Help your students find and apply for internships and jobs opportunities specific to their specialisation and interests


Internships and Job Placements

Millions of students are graduating every year worldwide, and there are also equally a large number of job openings for fresh graduates. But, there is a gap between the number of graduates and employment rates because many graduates are simply not industry-ready. Progressive colleges and universities understand that this challenge can’t be fixed overnight, so they focus on preparing their students with the industry-required skills through various internships and job placement programmes.

To support colleges and universities, and drive students’ success, uLektz Campus provides a seamless integration with uLektz Jobs, an online internships and job placements portal exclusively for higher education students and fresh graduates. Our partnership with hundreds of job portals and thousands of companies and recruiters helps students and fresh graduates find and apply to internships and job opportunities worldwide. By supporting students with appropriate internship opportunities, we ensure that they gain work experience while they study, get mentorship and guidance from industry experts. This often leads to finding desired jobs in preferred companies when they graduate.

Learning Management System

uLektz Campus is designed to help students become industry-ready by:

  • Training and guidance so that they are aware of the expectations of employers

  • Learning how to tackle interviews successfully

  • Interacting with HRs and industry leaders and gaining insights directly from experts

  • Creating the “perfect” resumé

  • Getting guidance from college seniors

  • Getting real-time work experience even before getting a job

Advantages of Internships

  • Career Development

    Internships help students develop the knowledge of workplace collaboration, business etiquette, and strong communication tactics that can only be learned on the job. Through internships, you gain experiences that are formal, formative, and foundational to your career. Internships in your area of study will build your résumé and provide career-developing qualities.

  • Character Growth

    Not only do internships help develop your professionalism, but they also encourage character growth. Many employers even value personal qualities over professional knowledge when it comes to employment. Characteristics like integrity, commitment, and self-motivation are several traits that are learned through an internship.

  • Better Job Placements

    Most employers seek career-ready college graduates who have been equipped with prior experiences and skills in a given field. Many studies have shown that fresh graduates with internship experience receive better job placements compared to those who have not done any internships.

You can also benefit from uLektz Jobs directly both as a Recruiter to find expert and passionate educators and help connect your students with industry and recruiters for internships and job placements.