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It is imperative that you need to leverage innovative technologies and services to create engaging learning environments, improve administrative efficiency and ensure students success by providing them with appropriate resources and support for education, skill development and obs. But, implementing multiple software systems and services with different login credentials, user interfaces and user experience make the students, faculty members and administration staff fee burdened, demotivated and even threatened. Ultimately, with no effective usage of the implemented software systems, and services, all the effort and investments made by you and your institution go in vain.

To meet the dynamic, complex and critical challenges of higher education institutions, and ensure the effective usage of the implemented software systems, we designed uLektz Campus, a SaaS-based edtech platform providing one-stop solution for all the needs of higher education.

Learning Management System

uLektz Campus - AI-powered Learning and Campus Management System

uLektz Campus is a first-of-its-kind AI-powered learning and campus management system providing one-stop solution for all the needs of a higher education institution. Its uses an edtech platform approach offering a comprehensive multi-modal solution using innovative technologies for learning and campus management to skill development, internships and job placements. It helps institutions to enable digital education for your institution for better learner engagement, enhance academic effectiveness, improve institutional performance and ensure students success.

Academic Effectiveness

Academic Effectiveness

It provides Learning and Campus Management System to integrate and automate all the academic and administrative activities, and create engaging learning and teaching environments - driving academic effectiveness, improved institutional outcomes and continuous improvement through education insights.

Personalised eResources

Personalised eResources

It uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to profile students and provide them 360 degree personalised guidance and appropriate resources and services for enhancing education, skills and careers.

Social Learning

Social Learning

uLektz Campus helps connect students with peers and expert faculty within and across institutions for peer education and learning support. It also helps them connect with industry professionals for professional development and better job opportunities.

Key Features and Highlights of uLektz Campus

By implementing uLektz Campus, you can:

  • Have a cloud-based edtech platform with your institution branded Mobile App for online learning and teaching.

  • Integrate, automate and manage all the critical academic and administrative activities of your institution.

  • Have a single point access to profiles and various performance reports of all the students and faculty members.

  • Manage programs, courses, students, faculty, time-table, attendance, examinations, results, and all other academic and administrative activities.

  • Enable digital education and leverage innovative technologies for improved outcomes of your institution, instructors, and students.

  • Provide students and faculty members an ease of access to digital learning resources - ebooks, videos, lecture notes, PPT presentations, online journals, etc.

  • Facilitate your faculty members to conduct online live classes using the built-in virtual classroom platform uLektz Meet.

  • Stay connected and communicate with any specific individual or group of students or educators through instant messaging.

  • Facilitate ease of access to thousands of free and premium ebooks, videos, lecture notes, etc., from reputed education publishers and expert faculty worldwide through built-in uLektz Books portal.

  • Help students and faculty members with skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling through online skill courses with certifications using the seamlessly integrated uLektz Skills platform.

  • Facilitate students and faculty members to stay updated with latest news, educational events - workshops, webinars, conferences, etc., through built-in education news and events portals uLektz News and uLektz Events respectively.

  • Help connect students with industry professionals and support them with internship and job placements opportunities through the built-in uLektz Jobs portal.

  • Plan and implement specific business strategies and policies more effectively and also take instant feedback from the concerned stakeholders.

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