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Digital Library of eContent

Build digital library of ebooks, videos, lecture notes and online journals for your institution


Digital Library of eContent

uLektz Campus helps colleges and universities build their own digital library of learning resources such as ebooks, videos, lecture notes, online journals, etc. From our experience working with thousands of educational institutions, it is evident that the effectiveness of the Learning Management System (LMS) widely depended on the learning content that is available to access through the LMS. To ensure effective usage of the Learning Management System, uLektz Campus provides a built-in digital library of 5000+ ebooks and curated videos with 100,000+ open online journals as complimentary / free of charge.

uLektz Campus helps colleges and universities to provide their students, faculty and all other members the ease of access to a large collection of learning resources in different formats from various subjects, streams and disciplines. The institution, faculty and any other authorised personnel of the institution can also upload their own learning and teaching materials into the Digital Library. Thus, allowing the institutions to aggregate digital content from their expert faculty and build their own digital library. The learning resources of the digital library can be accessed by all the members of the institution both within the campus and outside the campus using their respective login credentials.

Learning Management System

Advantages of Digital Library

  • Storage Space

    Digital libraries provide access to a large volume of digital content, as they are not confined by the physical space. As digital libraries rely on cloud storage, thousands of documents are available without needing to take up space in any building.

  • Ease of Access

    Content from digital libraries can be accessed using Internet-enabled devices. So, the users do not need to waste time travelling to and from a physical library, and can instead request the desired document from anywhere anytime.

  • Find and Retrieval

    Finding and retrieving a specific learning resource or content from a large collection of digital content is very easy as the content in Digital Library are organised and indexed.

  • Ease of Sharing

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in enhancing education. Having learning resources in digital format facilitates educators to share them with students faster, effectively and more efficiently.

  • Asset Creation

    Learning resources in digital format don’t deteriorate and their life-time of digital content is very long. The digital content can be stored securely and reproduced as and when required. It also supports scalable access. Thus, the content is valuable as any tangible assets.

While providing thousands of ebooks, curated videos and 100,000+ open online journals as complimentary eContent with Digital Library, uLektz Campus also facilitate the institution and its members to access thousands of premium digital content from various education publishers via uLektz Books, a marketplace of digital learning resources.