Learning Management System

AI-based Personalised Guidance

Provide your students with AI-based 360 degree personalised guidance for enhancing education, skills and careers


AI-based Personalised Guidance

With the technological advancement in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the needs of industry and society are rapidly evolving. This leads to a situation where most of the graduates coming out of the colleges and universities are either unemployed or underemployed due to the lack of industry-required latest skills.

Learning Management System

In today’s digital world, there are innumerable resources are available on the internet that are one search away from students to access. But, the major challenges with these online resources are:

  • Discoverability, reliability and completeness of the right resources and services

  • Access from multiple website, apps and portals with different UI/UX

  • Need to maintain multiple sign ups and user accounts

To help digital natives meet the challenges posed by the digital age, we use the power of latest digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. uLektz platform is powered with Artificial Intelligence to profile its users and provide them with the recommendations of appropriate resources for enhancing education, skills and careers based on their academics, interests, location, demographics, etc.,

uLektz Campus leverages the power of AI used in uLektz platform, to profile the students and provide AI-based 360-degree personalised guidance and recommendations such as for

  • People you may like to connect

  • Books that you may like to read

  • Skill courses you may like to enrol

  • Internship opportunities that you may like to apply

  • Job opportunities that you may like to apply for

  • News articles that you may like to read

  • Educational events that you may like to attend

  • Scholarship opportunities that you may like to apply