Learning Management System

Campus Management System

Integrate, automate and manage all the operations of your institution for increased efficiency and effectiveness.


Campus Management System

In many institutions, the teaching faculty members are burdened with too much of administrative tasks thus leaving very less or no time for them to focus on academic tasks or activities. To ensure the academic effectiveness, it is critically essential to reduce the administrative workload of the teaching faculty members. So, implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) alone is not enough. It requires a comprehensive campus management system that includes LMS.

Considering the dynamic, complex and increasing challenges of higher education, uLektz Campus is designed to be the one-stop solution for all the needs of higher education institutions. It provides a comprehensive solution for colleges and universities to integrate, automate and manage all the academic and administrative activities. Thus, improving the operational efficiency, driving academic effectiveness and improved institutional outcomes.

Learning Management System

Key Features

  • Registration and Admission Management

    It allows institutions to collect registrations and applications from students online. Once the applications are received with all the required details from the students, the authorised personnel at the institution can process the applications accordingly.

  • Students and Staff Information Management

    The system helps institutions manage the digital records of all the members of the institutions such as students, staff (both teaching and non-teaching), parents and alumni. This enables ease of search, access and view the profiles of institution members more efficiently and effectively.

  • Online Fee Payment and Management

    The system includes a built-in payment gateway that supports the collection of various fee online such as Registration Fee, Application Fee, Tuition Fee, etc. When the fee is paid successfully, the payment receipts will be generated as per the required format of the institution and sent to the student by email or SMS.

  • Time Table Management

    It helps institutions to efficiently manage the academic year via streamlining the timetable keeping the focus on all classes, their divisions, subjects and their management. Timetable management module helps in aligning the proper schedule and thereby allow faculties as per their availability.

  • Attendance Management

    The system allows faculty members to take their class attendance easily via mobile app or web platform. It also provides the option for the institution admin to take the attendance for the required classes.

  • Instant Messaging and Notifications

    The system provides an interactive communication and collaboration platform for students, faculty and the management members of the institution to send important updates and notification messages such as Fee Payment, Class Schedule, Exam Schedule, etc., to all or any specific group of students and faculty members.

  • Notice Board

    The system facilitates the administrator and the management members of the institutions to notify all the students and faculty members of the institution instantly about any recent and important news and updates through Notice Board.

  • Alumni Management

    It helps institutions to manage a network of former graduates who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of the college / university. It also helps the current students and faculty members to stay in touch with the alumni, and keep the alumni stay updated with the latest news and upcoming events of the institution.

  • Grievances and Emergency Support

    The system facilitates institutions to stay in touch with its member students and staff for any immediate emergency support and address any grievances.